Healthy Broodstock Fingerlings

Do you want broodfish to supply restuarants, hotels, and other fish-hungry clients? Would you like to breed your own fish with a killer profit margin?

Let Pisci Farms help you realise your dream to become one of the best fish farmers, beating your competition into the a state of jealousy & envy.

Catfish Fingerlings
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Catfish Fingerlings

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8,000.00 – 10,000.00 In stock

Product description: 1,000 fingerlings from catfish eggs. Eggs are harvested from fish, & bred to finger sized fished, ready to be nutured on your fish farm.

We harvest our own eggs, so know exactly what is involved in fingerlings production.

Harvesting Fish Eggs
Culturing Fish Eggs
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Broodstock Fingerlings
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Lagos Fish Farms

We are conveniently located off the Ojo-Badagry Express Way, near Cele Nisa Bustop.

It would take abuot 6-8 weeks to get your fingerlings ready for transportation to your fish farm. You can pre-order your broodstock fingerlings while you prepare your pond. We produce as many thousands as you want.

We also give you the best advice on how to get the fingerlings to your farm.

Need security advice? Let’s talk about how you can ensure your fish remain untouched by unwanted predators.

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